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    It was a really significant victory for low-wage workers in this country that the Department of Labor moved forward on that, and it was something that has been in the works for about 20 years. There are lawsuits, as we speak, where home-care agencies and industry lobbies are trying to stop this rule change from moving forward, so we still haven’t gotten to a point where people understand that this is real work that deserves protection, just like any other work in this country. It’s ongoing, and yet we’ve made incredible progress and had significant victories in recent years.
    There’s something very deep about the ways in which our culture has assumed patterns and practices and has adopted a way of being that takes those two aspects of life for granted. That really has to shift.

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    A woman came up to me this week with a card in one hand and a bracelet in the other. She hands me the bracelet and the card and says, “These are my two children. They were shot to death.” Now I wear that band on my left wrist. On my right wrist is the watch my son was wearing when he was killed. On my body, I have the results of three kids killed.

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    There are all kinds of things to say about “The Paperboy,” a sweat-drenched Southern-gothic period melodrama of exactly the sort that four decades ago people would have pretended to find serious, and not just an excuse to look at Paul Newman’s muscles and some buxom lady in a bouffant and a halter-strap dress. No such pretense is necessary here; this adaptation of a Pete Dexter crime novel revels in its own let’s-boogie trashiness, maybe a bit too much so. Larger philosophical agendas may be checked at the door along with firearms, though you’ll have more need of the latter.
    “The Paperboy” is all about Nicole Kidman in a blond wig and enormous false eyelashes, ostentatiously packing her boobs onto the shelves of a too-tight dress and trailing almost visible streaks of crazy pheromones behind her as she moves through the swampy Florida air. (You can date this movie pretty precisely: It’s the era just before universal air conditioning.) And then there’s Zac Efron, as the not-too-bright but impressively built ex-swimmer pretty boy who follows her around like a sick puppy. There’s a scene in this movie in which Charlotte Bless, Kidman’s character, has to pee all over Jack Jansen, Efron’s character, after he goes swimming in the ocean and gets some bad jellyfish stings. She has to drive off some other girls who want first dibs, assuring them in her redneck twang that if anybody’s gon’ pee on Jack’s face, it’s damn well gon’ be her. Thing is, Charlotte just got done telling Jack that one of those bikini-clad beach girls would probably blow him; she and Jack aren’t a couple, exactly, and she wouldn’t have minded that. But when it comes to something truly personal and intimate, like a golden shower on the beach in broad daylight, that’s when she gets possessive.

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    If the writer self-identified as Asian or was identified to me as such, I included her.

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    The Hawking biopic, “Theory of Everything,” which chronicles his ALS diagnosis at age 21 and significant scientific breakthroughs, arrives in theaters on November 7th. Watch the trailer below:

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    The episode begins at the Wall, with Jon taking off with the wildlings to meet up with more of their brethren and leaving Castle Black under the rule of First Ranger Thorne. Jon’s choice to become Lord Commander of the Night’s watch and eschew the opportunity to become a Stark both bears out his father’s wishes by abiding by his oath to the Night’s Watch, the honorable thing to do, particularly by Ned Stark standards, while also cutting himself off fully from the family he knew as his own. Meanwhile, Sam loses his father figure in Maester Aemon and is almost immediately forced to defend Gilly from lecherous members of the Watch. In the aftermath, Sam breaks his vow of celibacy as he and Gilly consummate their relationship.

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    Watch Robertson unload on Cruz below, via Right Wing Watch:

    Although it’s obviously and purposefully difficult to tell the boys apart, Lukas begins to convince Elias that this damaged, angry and irrational woman in the bandages is not their real mother. What happened to the birthmark she always had? What did she do with the beloved cat they adopted? Why can’t she remember the song they all used to love? As dreams and fantasy and waking life begin to merge into unmanageable collective insanity – by now that’s conventional, but it’s accomplished here with eerie efficiency – the irresistible baseline remains the fact that this family and this house were inhabited by some kind of carnivorous and evil Zeitgeist long before things officially began to go wrong. I don’t even want to talk about Lukas and Elias’ collection of giant hissing cockroaches, and I certainly can’t tell you whether they actually “exist” in the world of the film.

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    And you know what?

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    Nintendo New 3DS

    After being charged with a DUI, John Stamos was hospitalized for an unknown medical condition. Subscribe now for all the details on the arrest and what his friends are saying – only in PEOPLE.

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    Courtesy Jay Winuk
    Hillary says she feels connected to the 2,977 people who were killed on 9/11.

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    Two longtime recipients of Chouest’s generosity are?Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska)?and the former Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, also from Alaska, where Chouest’s company has ties to the oil and gas industry.?

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    female protagonist, Lizzie Curry (Jayne Atkinson), who’s heading for
    Festival last year) is beautifully crafted and deeply pleasurable, but it’s

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    I Am Cait’s first eight episodes aired this summer and explored the former Olympian’s experience as a transgender activist – along with her quest to repair her relationship with the Kardashian family post-transition.

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