If you’re an actor, you’re going to desire a headshot.

Many talent agencies have contracts with photographers and can direct you right to their studio. But if that’s the course you choose be prepared to spend a minimum of a couple hundred dollars. Headshots are a necessity for every actor. Photographers know that. They will charge you as much as they can get away with. And then on top of that you have to duplicate the finished product a few hundred times, especially in case you are auditioning several instances a week. When an actor auditions, he hands over the headshot for the casting director, and he by no means gets it back. It\’s constantly a superb idea to have lots of copies, even more copies than you think you’ll demand is enough.

So what is the secret to the best headshot? Before you even get into your photography studio there are some tips to keep in mind:

When you realize photo might be in black and white its probably not the best idea to wear black and white clothes since it could be also bold. Colors just like blue, red, or green display up very consistently with the black and white matte. Strong shades are less of a challenge at the eye than stripes or prints.

* Extreme make-up isn’t needed, nevertheless should you do choose to wear make-up, a light foundation evenly covering the face may make you glance nicer. Really do not coat your face with it. In case you are blessed with lots of freckles, really do not cover them up. Directors know the miracles of make-up and if you are cast plus the freckles have to go they will take necessary steps. On the other hand, your freckles may offer you just the character they are looking for.

* Should you commonly wear your hair straight, don’t curl it up, and vice versa should you have naturally curly hair-don’t straighten it.

* Smile. It does not need to be cheesy, it does not have to be angry, it just has to be you. A fine glimpse of your teeth also displays the casting director what you have got in there. If you’ve got braces, crooked teeth, a great gap inside the center, smile anyhow. Really do not hide things.

* Don’t be a fashion model. Steer clear of flipping the hair, leaning your chin in your arm, or any sort of prop. The directors want to see a straight head shot, they don’t want to see you getting cute or knock dead pretty, they want to discover you.

* By no means use soft focus or particular lighting techniques. The basic key, fill and back lights with the studio ought to be all you need.

* Be sure you\’re using a uncomplicated, non-distracting backdrop. White or black are not recommended, however some pros will make it glance great. Most common are off-white, gray, light blue or any color that comes through having a gentle gray tone. In case you are taking the photographs outside, again be sure there is nothing distracting to the eye within the background. A headshot’s background will probably be mostly from focus anyway.

So where are you able to go for a headshot taken that’s likely to really provide work?

Before you get your headshot, make sure you check out some pro comp card photographers in NY or LA, and find some great headshot photos that you want to show your photographer.