The top headshot photographer in NYC will obviously be very a talented and have a wonderful reputation. The headshot is, as the name implies, a photo of an individual from the top of his shoulders to the top of his head. Models and actors use them to represent themselves at talent agencies.

The comp card is another necessity for an aspiring model or actor. It shows a photo and gives a composite of the person s height, measurements and even the shoe size. Eye color and hair color are included also.

When you live in the hub of the entertainment industry, NYC, there is an incredible level of competition. Actors trying to get jobs will keep the photographer of choice busy. This is not at all surprising.

To find the best headshot photographer in NYC look for a Fifth Avenue address. Any photographer with a studio in the downtown district will be exhibiting his or her success. For one thing, the rent is high. You will see examples of the photos he takes before selecting him.

She will most likely have a degree in arts or photography from an accredited college. Her eye for lines and forms and colors will be excellent. Her experience should include headshots of famous actors she worked with.

Usually there will be ads that specify the type of photography he specializes in. For example, wedding photography, baby pictures or headshots. Check with past customers for a recommendation. Ask for a referral from the actor s guild.

It should not be easy to get an immediate appointment with a successful individual. When you call, a receptionist should answer at the studio. The amount of money his equipment is worth ranges in the tens of thousands. Cameras, lighting kits and various backdrops for the photo session are required accoutrements of the business.

Wait for someone with a spotless reputation to do your photos. The photographer should be able to explain the procedure, time it will take to get finished prints and any other questions you have. If you are particular and want your photos taken by the best headshot photographer in NYC, do not expect the final price to be low.

Before invest in the time and effort to get your own headshot, make sure you check out some pro comp card photographers in NY or LA, and find some great pro headshots that you want to show your photographer.

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