Among different handsets that are compatible with the latest technology and style, the LG Optimus Black is one of those models that have the best of features in a single pack. This model can be said to be one of the sleekest and most advanced gadgets in the entire genre of phones that are out with the LG brand. The gadget is powered by the Android OS v2.2 which is easily up gradable to the OS v2.3. With the 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, you are guaranteed to have the best of speed and procession ability. It is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a phone that would meet their business needs and also give a joy while you are using other features of the phone.

This model flaunts 4.0 inches touchscreen that has a great resolution with the Gorilla glass to give added protection to your phone. You have 2GB internal storage out of which 1GHz is available to the users. You can extend the memory of the phone up to 32GB that gives you a lot of storage capacity on the phone. Users would have a good experience while I using the internet as you would browse over the HTML browser. To add to your joy, you have the Wi-Fi connectivity option that gives easier connectivity to your home or office network. There are also several built in applications on the phone like Document viewer/ editor Google search. Maps. Gmail etc to give you quick access to all your favourite websites and menus. The gadget also has a 5MP camera.

LG Optimus Black deals are available in the UK market with Orange that gives you cheap tariffs and exciting phone incentives. With Orange you can have the LG Optimus Black contract free of cost and the Line Rental would come to £20.5 for 24 month sunder the Racoon plan. This would give you 200 minutes and you would have Line Rental for 15 months. The Canary tariff comes at same Line Rental and this gives you the handset for free and offers 300 minutes unlimited texts with 15 months half Line Rental.

If you are looking for free data usage in the LG Optimus Black contract deals, you may choose the Dolphin 20 inc tariff. It again has a Line Rental of £20.5 for 24 months and as to offer 100 minutes with unlimited texts and 100 MB data. The Panther comes at same monthly rental but you have 50 MB data in this tariff. However the free minutes would be reduced to 100. For people who just want free minutes and texts may opt for the Canary 26 tariff which has a Line Rental of £26 for 24 months and has 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

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