Temporary tattoos are more often worn by women than by men.

Women wear their temporary tattoos as another form of body adornment like jewelry and make up.

Men on the other hand tend still think of temporary tattoos as the tattoos they got with bubble gum when they were kids.

And that is a shame because there is a great selection of temporary tattoos available for guys. These tattoos do not even have to be shown in public if the guy is not comfortable with them.

But sexy temporary tattoos worn at the right time, and in the right spot, can really be a turn on for a guy’s partner. Imagine taking off your shirt or pants and having a special tattoo there for that someone special to see.

Here are some temporary tattoo ideas that guys seem to like:

Shark tattoo is a black shilouette image of a swimming shark.

The Alluring Cobra is an image of a cobra poised to strike with a rose bud behind it.

The Large Panther is a snarling black cat that is 6-inch by 3 inch.

An Asian inspired dragon engulfed in flames is the Flaming Dragon of Lust.

Fire Panther is a large 4 inch x 1.5 inch tattoo of a black Panther surrounded by flames.

A really cool small tattoo is the Black Dolphin, a 1 inch by 2.25 inch black silhouette of a dolphin.

The pin up temporary tattoos are also popular with men. These temporary tattoos resemble the popular pin up tattoos of the 1950s and 60s. Some of the pin up tattoos available are Sweet Cherry, Easy, Asian Spice and Busty.

And custom tattoo stencils remain one of the most popular temporary tattoo choices for men. Because they can basically design a temporary tattoo image of anything the like the sexy temporary tattoo stencils continue to be a hit.

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